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Wim Dik

Wim Dik starts working for Unilever with Unox in Oss until 1981. He is then asked by the political party D66 to become State Secretary of Economic Affairs. In 1983, Wim Dik returns to Unilever where he becomes chairman of Unilever Netherlands. In 1988 Wim Dik is asked by the government to become CEO of the Royal Dutch PTT to manage its privatisation. Wim Dik succeeded in transforming PTT from a bureaucratic organization into a business organization. Highlights were the privatization (1989), IPO (1994) and the separation of KPN into a telecom company (KPN Telecom) and a post company (TPG Post).
Since retiring in 2000 Wim Dik occupies several positions within different supervisory boards and has been lecturing as a Professor of Management in ICT oriented organisations at the TU Delft from 2000 until 2006, where he still is freelanced involved with.

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